Thursday, January 15, 2009


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. You have such a beautiful family. We miss you tons. We got your Christmas card, which is good, because now I have your address. Just in case I need it, you know? Hey, did I miss your birthday? And, Ike's is coming up, isn't it? Anyway, I just wanted to give you one piece of very unsolicited, yet very important piece of advice. Make your blog private, or don't mention where you live. There are way too many whack jobs out there to advertise such a beautiful family to, and I worry when friends pretty much spell out directions to their home. Just think: you have given all your names, first and last, your town, and you have provided lovely pictures. Logan, Idaho Falls, and St. George are not that big, and someone could find you in a snap. Please be careful. Love you!

Jeremy_MelanieandGirls said...

Hadlee's little buddy! We miss you!!!! Hadlee talked all day today how Luke is going on the big potty now! GO LUKE!

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