Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!
We had such a great day! Gabe is such a great husband and father. He teaches my kids so many different things. These will be the most well rounded kids ever. Our kids light up the second dad walks through the door. When he gets home from work I never see him turn on the TV or need to be alone. He is wrestled down by all 5 kids and plays til he drops. He's the best and my kids have the best Grandpas in the world. In this family it really takes a village to raise our kids!


The Brown Family said...

Hey I didn't know you had a blog! Super cute! We need to get together again soon. Maybe we should do a date night. I love all the pics of your kids, too cute!

jenny said...

i love those pictures. the one with gabe and all the kids is adorable. i have no doubt gabe is a fantastic dad. you guys make an amazing team.

Rachelle Sunderlage said...

Yea, I found your blog. (Thanks for commenting on mine). I miss you and your family! We need to get together at Drumiler's soon. Your new baby is gorgeous, just like the rest of your posterity. Good one!

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